Get to know me

I have always loved working out, sweating the unwanted pounds away in the gym and tightening up my physique at the same time. Physical appearance is something that I take very seriously indeed.
A man needs to stay in top shape and peak condition if he ever hopes to have any luck at all with women and trust me when I say I do.

My home is Islington, North London, but I don’t live in one of the numerous tower blocks, oh no, I have a nice apartment to myself. The rent isn’t cheap but then with the money I earn as a personal trainer at the upmarket gym in Chelsea that I travel to everyday I have more than enough to make ends meet and still have some for fun. And I do have lots of fun.

Being young and single is great when you are in the personal trainer business, especially when you are working with older women who like nothing more than flirting with you while their husbands pay the bill. Being young, single and black is even better.

I honestly believe that some of the upmarket women that turn up in the place where I work have never met a young, black male before. There is the moment’s hesitation when I am introduced to them, their eyes widening as they take in my powerful build that is never hid well by the shorts and vest that I wear. Yet as the personal sessions pass by they become more and more friendly, their eyes lingering upon me as I stand close to them, deliberately positioning myself so that our bodies are almost touching. Then the playful slaps and hugs begin, the woman growing more and more tactile as time goes by.

There have been times when the management have warned me about allowing them to be over friendly and each time I nod and smile, agreeing to ensure that none of my clients get the wrong impression. If they knew what I got up to in my private life, they would sack me.

You see my fun with these women sometimes spills over into my personal time and I have notched up quite a number of conquests, the most recent of which happened just hours ago tonight.

The name of the client is Christine and I have been her personal trainer for nearly six months, ever since her accountant husband signed her up at our gym so he had more time to spend playing golf. At least that is what she tells me.
I don’t doubt her though, it is near criminal the amount of husbands that have pushed their wives into my bed just by ignoring them. Anyway, when Christine joined our gym I thought that I would have the same fun with her, testing the boundaries as I usually do.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t do anything inappropriate.
I simply make sure that I brush against them by accident, touch the machine as they do, stuff like that. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes they make a lewd comment and other times they stiffen and gasp. I simply adapt my approach to however they react.

Yet with Christine, something was different. Each time I hit her with a usually successful routine, she would simply hold my gaze in silence, a slight smile playing along her lips but never anything more than that. In truth, I thought I was wasting my time, that she was immune to my charm. It happens more than I’d like to admit, I’m not perfect. That was until the pre-lunch training session that I always take her for on a Saturday morning. I arrived as usual on time, clad in my black shorts and my white vest, only to find that Christine was waiting for me outside the gym, a light cotton summer dress on her body.
I smiled as I had approached, tilting my head to one side as I stopped before her, my eyes quickly appraising her figure beneath the clothes. Despite being forty-five, Christine looked at least ten years younger and had a body that after six months of training was toned and firm.

To be perfectly honest I was close to telling her that she didn’t really need a personal trainer anymore, after all I had a waiting list of clients. So sighing, I had cast a final look down into her cleavage, and then met her gaze, “How come you aren’t up in the gym?”

“I was wondering if we could skip the session today?”
I had nodded, knowing that at this short notice I would still be paid by the gym, “Sure, it’s your call…are you off out somewhere nice?” “No, no” she had shaken her head, “I was wondering if you could give me a private session back at my home. Is that possible?”
I had frowned, knowing that it wasn’t an ideal situation but then I had cursed beneath my breath as she had stepped closer, reaching out with a hand to squeeze my cock through my shorts, “Oh come on, John, I will make it worth your while!”

An hour later, we were walking through the front door of her home, after she had driven us from the gym, stopping only to collect a bag from mine. The moment that the door was shut, Christine had been on me like a rabid tiger, her mouth crushing against mine, our tongues playing tag while both her hands slid into my black shorts. She had gasped as she had felt me stiffening beneath her touch and grinning, I had pushed her away slightly before scooping her up over one shoulder, still holding the bag from my home with the other. Following her squealed directions, I had carried her upstairs and through into a large bedroom, before dropping her down to stand. Dropping my bag, I had reached down, gripping the bottom of her summer dress and raising it high above her head, stripping her to her underwear in one move. Even as she had gasped and let out a dirty chuckle, I had reached around her, unfastening her bra and casting it aside, watching with excitement as her large pale tits spilled free. Christine had shaken her head as she had stared up at me, my six foot three inch frame dwarfing her five and a half foot frame, my broad powerful shoulders and muscles making her look even smaller.

“You are such an arrogant prick” she had smiled at me and I had grinned, brushing her short black hair from her face as I nodded. Then with a lightning move, I bent and gripped her ankles as I jerked them high, spilling her back onto the large bed. Even before she had landed fully, I had torn her knickers away and then removed my shorts, vest and underwear, casting them aside as I loomed over her. From her prone position upon the bed, Christine had stared back up at me with lust filled eyes, “Oh my God, I am so horny…fuck me!” My chuckle had made her frown as I had bent to open the bag that I had retrieved from my home, tipping its contents onto the bed as I grinned at her, “Oh no…not yet…first we have some fun!”

Christine was still laying there naked with eyes as wide as her thighs as she stared in shock at the small pile of sex toys on the bed beside her when I had snatched up a black dildo I bought from a while back and as wide around as my wrist and easily nine inches long, “Wait…that’s too big!”
Chuckling, I had clambered onto the bed beside her head, one hand gripping the sex toy by its base as I manoeuvred it between her open thighs, pushing it up against her slick wetness. She had groaned then, her mouth opening wide as the head of the dildo had slipped into her. Grinning, I had grasped the base of my now hard cock and steered the head between her red lips, watching her eyes widen in shock.
For a moment, she stayed still, her blue eyes staring up at me, then her small hand replaced mine, stroking my thick shaft as she began to moan and work her hot mouth up and down on the end of my cock, fighting to get as much in as she could, spit running down my shaft.
I watched her work away at my meat for a few moments, then reaching down with one large hand, I began to squeeze and maul at her large tits, enjoying the contrast in our skin colours, while my other hand began to fuck her harder and faster with the large dildo.

On the bed, she became a thing possessed, her legs opening wide and shaking as she muttered an indecipherable stream of words around my cock in her mouth, their meaning lost amid her moans and groans. Suddenly she grunted and moved her head back, my cock leaving her mouth with a wet pop, “Oh God, John, I need your cock now!”

“Beg me” I had grinned, no doubt enforcing her belief that I was arrogant, “Beg me for it and you can have it!”
As I teased her, I fucked her harder with the dildo, making her legs raise skyward as she grunted her way through an orgasm, “Please!” “Please what?” I smirked, twisting a hard nipple with my other hand. “Please fuck me with your big black cock! PLEASE!!”

I hadn’t needed any more encouragement.
Withdrawing the dildo, I moved between her open thighs and lowered myself onto her, grinning as her hot pussy latched onto my cock. She groaned aloud, the sound long and drawn out as I chucked the wet dildo onto the pillow beside her and took my weight on my hands, driving myself hard into her at the centre, my large balls slapping against her arse. Much to my surprise she turned her head, grasping at the dildo as she pulled it into her mouth, sucking on it as I pumped into her, leering as she moaned and groaned, “You love it don’t you, you love my cock!”
“Yes” she had sobbed, her words slurred as she sucked the sex toy, “Oh God yes, I love your big black cock, it’s so much bigger than my husbands…oh you bastard!”
I came then, flooding her insides but the fun was far from over.
We had spent the rest of the day having fun, working our way through my collection of sex toys until finally, I had left her sleeping with exhaustion and returned to my own apartment in Islington. Today was a very good day.
I don’t think I will be cancelling my sessions with Christine after all.

Oral Delights – I decided To Try Out A Live Webcam Sex Show!

Stepping back from where he had just switched the laptop on and started their webcam live sexshow for the evening, Peter reached out with his hands and supported his wife’s weight as he rolled her hog-tied onto her side, dragging her towards the edge of the black leather bed so that her face was closest to him.

Holding her gaze, he moved his hands to the front of his trousers, dragging down the zipper and spreading them wide. On the bed, Rachel watched with fascination as he lowered them and then hooked his thumbs inside the elastic waistband of his underwear before dragging them down his legs as well. Her eyes widened as he straightened before her once again, his thick shaft bobbing inches from her face, its long length ridged and menacing looking as he guided it with a hand towards her.

Looking up at him through heavy lidded eyes, Rachel opened her full lips in a perfect ‘O’, holding his gaze as her husband pressed his swollen head against her mouth, moaning slightly.

Breathing through her nose, she tightened her lips about him as he pushed into her mouth, the pressure she was applying making him groan louder but also giving her as much control as she could in this vulnerable position. With her hands tied behind her back, Rachel had no real way to limit how far her husband could push himself into her mouth but she felt no real fear, knowing without question that Peter would never willingly hurt.

Eyes half closed, Rachel let him push about half of his shaft past her lips, four inches of meat filling her mouth and then she tightened her ‘O’ even more, hearing the hollow grunt of disappointment from her husband as he stared down at her. Before he could begin to complain or question her desire to earn his forgiveness she slowly moved her head backwards as best as she could considering how she was tied, his shaft nearly slipping from her mouth before she bobbed her head forwards again.

Lost in the pleasure of the oral that his wife was giving him, Peter groaned as she sank deeper onto his shaft, his back arching as she sucked him into the hot wet depths of her mouth.

“Oh good girl” he nodded, reaching down with a hand to brush a stray strand of brown hair from his young wife’s attractive features, “Are you having fun? I bet the people watching are”

He turned to cast a look at the laptop that was positioned beside them on the worktop, filming every moment of their webcam live sex show for the people that paid to see it.

She moaned a confirmation, the sound muffled by his presence in her mouth and he grinned, turned on by the sound of her working away at him. On impulse, he moved his hand from her face to her bound arms, trailing a fingernail down the soft skin.
She writhed slightly at the touch but kept moving her head back and forwards, her expertise at her task having enabled her to take all but the last couple of inches of him into her mouth and throat, her nostrils flaring as she breathed through her nose.

For a long moment, Peter stood staring down at her, enjoying the sight of his pretty little wife with her mouth stretched wide about his engorged shaft while she was so effectively bound.
He shuddered slightly as the image of her so helpless as she sucked away at him was suddenly too much to bear and with a grunt, he felt his testicles twitching, the sensation of his coming climax surging through his body. As if sensing the change in him, Rachel moaned and bobbed her head faster, eyes little more than slits as she took the last few inches of him into her throat before virtually withdrawing and then repeating it all, the thick shaft off his cock glistening with reams of her saliva.

Groaning, he leaned forwards and placed one of his hands on the leather bed behind her head and the other on the side of her face, keeping her still while he began to move his hips back and forth, see-sawing his cock into her mouth, his eyes closed as he rode her face. Body shaking as he felt his orgasm approaching, Peter gave a lust filled moan, “Oh yeah, do you like that baby?”

She tried to speak but the words were inarticulate moans, their meaning lost as she spoke with a mouthful of her husband.
“Are you sorry? Do you really want me to forgive you?” he grunted, holding her head with both hands now, making sure not to hurt his wife as he held her still. Again her muffled reply came, her eyes meeting his as she moaned and groaned, totally at his mercy as he pumped away at her face, filling her mouth.
“Oh God” he grunted, reaching out with a fingernail again to trace it down her bare arm and beneath him, she lurched and twisted, her eyes snapping open as she gagged on his shaft.
With a guttural roar, Peter came, his hands holding to his wife’s face as he unloaded himself into her pretty little mouth, his testicles twitching and tightening beneath him as he shuddered.

With wavering vision brought on his ecstasy, Peter stared down, watching as his wife’s throat worked, swallowing down his offering as he still jerked and twitched deep inside her mouth.

Finally finished he stepped back, his thick but rapidly deflating shaft trailing across her cheek, and eyes on his, Rachel snaked out her tongue to scoop up the excess from near her mouth.

For a moment, they held each other’s gaze and then Peter smiled broadly, reaching out to begin untying the cord binding her.
“Is that it?” Rachel asked, hope in her voice as he released her and she sat up, rubbing at her wrists and ankles where the cord had restrained her, “Are we done for the evening babe?”
The chuckle from her husband as he placed the sections of cord back on the table was highly amused, “Oh no…not yet…”


As he finished fastening the last strap of the four that were securing the ankles and wrists of his beloved wife, Peter took a step back and smiled as he studied her lithe and naked form.
She was attached to the X-shaped bed now, her arms stretched out either side of her head and her legs spread wide revealing her in all her glory. Still smiling, he walked slowly around the bed, seeing the excitement on the face of Rachel as she met his gaze .She knew what was coming and was as excited as he was.

Pausing beside her left side, Peter bent suddenly, cupping her small firm breast in a large hand and squeezing it, his thumb brushing over the nipple before he bent and sucked it into his mouth, the flat blade of his tongue flicking over and around it.
On the X-bed, Rachel groaned and arched her back, watching through lust filled eyes as her husband rose and moved around to the other side to repeat the process with her other breast. Rising once again, Peter stood beside his naked, spread-eagled wife, his hands smoothing over her naked form, his fingernails scratching gently over her soft skin every now and again, eliciting small gasps and shudders of pleasure from her.

Breaking away from her writhing form, Peter moved up between her legs and dropped to a crouch, his face level with her pussy as it hung over empty space, accessible and ready for plundering.

Reaching around the underside of the lower arms of the X, he held her bare thighs with his large hands and moved his mouth so that it was less than an inch from her pussy, blowing softly upon her tender pink flesh. The reaction from Rachel was instantaneous, her legs jerking and a guttural groan escaping her.
“You like that don’t you?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“Oh God yes” she moaned, “Please, don’t stop Peter”
Chuckling he blew on her again, softly moving the breath about the area before him, enjoying her lusty reactions on the bed.

Without warning, he moved his mouth up tight against her, his broad tongue spearing into her and she cried out, the words just a jumble of noise and grunts, her legs straining tight against the restraints as he slid his tongue up her lips and sucked on her.

“Oh God yes!” she moaned, bucking against his hungry mouth as he licked and sucked away at her, his tongue pressing and flicking her clit, driving her to extremes as she thrashed about.

As he worked away at her, teasing and tickling her clit with his tongue, Peter released his grip on her thigh with a hand and pushed a big finger into his wife’s hugging depths, a second finger joining the first as he began to finger fuck her slowly.

On the X-bed, Rachel became a thing possessed, her body reacting to the pleasure that her husband was giving her, her moans of ecstasy driving him on as he tasted her flowing juices, his digits moving faster as he built up speed, driving her crazy.

With a virtual roar of shock, Rachel came hard, dousing her husband’s tongue in her juices as she shuddered and shook upon the X-bed, until finally she lay still, breathing heavily.

Lifting his face slightly, one hand drying his mouth, Peter stared up the length of his wife’s athletic body, “You enjoyed that?”
Her confirmation was little more than a moan of pleasure, then her face rose to meet his gaze, “You can let me out now”
“Oh no” he chuckled, lowering his face again, “Not yet”
She gasped as she realised his intention. Then she was shaking once more, arching her back upon the X-bed as he began to work at her clit again with his tongue, knowing that after she came it was always more hyper-sensitive than usual.
Crying out, Rachel strained at the straps restraining her, grunting and moaning as the sensation of his pressing tongue coursed up through her throbbing clit and round her body.

“Please stop” she cried out, her voice hysterical, “Sir, please!”

Removing his mouth from her pussy, he chuckled, “What will you give me if I do stop?”
“Anything!” she cried out, shrieking as his tongue touched her again, swirling around her hooded clit, sucking upon it, “Please!”

“Name it” he paused in his work again, rising to stand between her open legs, his fingers still working in and out of her body.

She hesitated, her mind racing for something that he might find acceptable and grinning her removed his fingers from her and headed around to stand by the left side of her body, “Well?”

“Too late” he began to tickle her ribs and stomach, his fingers delving into her ribs and sides, making her lurch and shriek with peals of laughter as she tried unsuccessfully to get away.

Thoroughly enjoying himself, Peter headed back down the bed, grasping hold of one foot and holding it still as he began to tickle it with his other hand, ignoring her howls and laughed shrieks as she begged for him to let her go, her body convulsing as she lost control of herself, “Please Sir, oh my…please stop!”
“What will you give me?” he repeated the question, turning his face to smile at her, “Name it and I might let you go!”
“I will go barefoot after 5pm next Saturday…all night long!” she cried out, regretting her words almost at once as she knew he would take advantage on that night and tickle her again. Yet right now she did not care, she simply had to get him to stop.

“Do you promise me?” he asked, throwing her a broad grin.
“Yes!” she cried out, her words split with howls of laughter as he continued to tickle the foot he held, “Please, Sir…I will let you do whatever you like to my feet then with no complaints!”

For a moment, he hesitated then he stopped his assault on the soles of her foot, smiling as he moved back around the bed so that he could look down into her eyes, “Do you promise?”
She nodded; her body aching from the laughter and the intensity of her orgasm, “Yes, yes I promise”

Smirking triumphantly, Peter stepped away from her and headed to the laptop, switching off the webcam before moving back to his wife, his smile was broad as he kissed her lips, “I love you”
Her smile was just as genuine, “And I love you too”